I didn't really expect to be able to make candles in one day, but we did and learnt so much more than I expected.
"This course is excellent. I love the practical element and the fact that I was making lovely candles before the end of the day. I am inspired to come for a lot more and I have no hesitation recommending this to anyone else." Lillian
"Very interesting and inspiring. Would like to attend more of your courses. Loved every second. Thank you!" Isabel
"So enjoyable; a positive experience; very happy with what I learned today. Thank you so much!" Carol
"To the point, essential information, hands on great course." Andrea
"A wonderful course which was taught in a friendly relaxed manner. I've learned different techniques and can't wait to start making my own candles. Thank you so much." Bella
"Excellent course and learned a lot. Looking forward to setting up a candle business with all what I learned today." Kate
"Fantastic teacher and knowledge. Has demystified the process and feel confident in practising and experimenting for my future candle business! Thank you." Laura
"This course has drawn at my creative side and shown us all how easy it is to make candles. I have been inspired with confidence." Karen
"Fantastic, inspirational teacher. Well presented course with knowledgable teacher. Has given confidence in my own ability. Thank you and good luck!" Amie
"Fantastic. Such a fun, unique and interesting workshop. Well worth the money and a Saturday without my husband and baby girl. Very very happy! F.Y.I. I will be booking again for the cosmetic workshop." Anita
"Really enjoyed my day. Sakeena was a great teacher who made it very relaxed and fun." Sheila
"Great workshop for beginners." Jintana
"Amazing! Inspiring and reassuring to know I've been taught by an extremely knowledgable and passionate teacher! Sakeena thanks!" Lauren
"Excellent, very well explained, enjoyable. Thanks very much!" Sara
"Amazing teacher - she's incredibly passionate about candles and shares her knowledge with many others. Pleased to be here on a Saturday afternoon. Definitely learned more about candles than I thought I would." Josephine
"It was so much fun to learn how to make candles. Lots of information that I can't wait to start practising at home. Thank you so much." Meli
"Absolutely fantastic. I feel confident enough to go and make my own candles and perhaps start my own business. The course exceeded my expectations and Sakeena was brilliant." Jodie
"Brilliant! Gave me a new experience and knowledge in candle making." Amalia
"This course has shown how fun it can be and a simple way of making candles." Heather
"Amazing class done by Sakeena. Well done!!! Expectations are overwhelming. Cannot wait to show what I have done to my friends." Dilshod
"This has been the best course that I have attended. It was fun, informative and a great tutor. I wish all tutors can be like her." Ada
"Very friendly, laid back - great atmosphere." Thomas
"Well structured introduction to all things candle making. Thanks." Claudia
"Really informative. Answered a lot of technical questions that showed a wealth of experience." Vincent
"It was very good. My trainer explained what we were doing and made sure we understood. We made a variety of candles which was great." Mae-ly
"It was very enlightening and the methods of teaching were very easy to grasp. I love the ethic codes subtly advised as I believe this will help with my growing business. I really enjoyed the creativity the class allowed me and I'll be back for the more advanced classes. Thank you!" Esther (Nigeria)
"Great fun, great trainer, good variation of candles to make. Great knowledge and informative." Lee-Ying
"Informative and inspiring. Loved every minute." Elle
"It was a wonderful and informative day. Sakeena is an amazing instructor and really funny!" Ashana
"Very informative and learned an awful lot having started from almost no knowledge at all." Michael

"Amazing teacher. A pleasure to be a part of the class. Thank you so much!!! I will remember this experience always." Luisa

"It's the most amazing experience I have ever had. Mixture of learning, creating, discovering new talents in my self and making what I love with the most respected teacher. Thank you so much for your time and effort and passion that you deliver it in." Mai (Egypt)

"Fascinating. I truly enjoyed every minute and time flew by! Very lucky to attend your class and meet such lovely and inspiring person like you. Very relaxing experience and great value for money. Came all the way from Egypt to do this and it was totally worth it!" Merna (Egypt)

"It was great fun and very informative. Did not expect to have been producing so many lovely candles in just one workshop. I am thrilled to bits." Julie

"Fantastic way yo spend a day. Never dreamed I'd feel confident enough to 'have a go' but can't wait to start. Thanks." Jean

"Course was presented in a friendly and logical way. Many techniques were demonstrated and easy to follow leading to a confidence in being able to do these on your own." Anna

"Great, friendly and informative." Fiona

"The workshop was wonderfully presented and loved every bit of it. Thank you so much. Can't wait to try my hand on container candles." Rashmi

"Absolutely brilliant. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to making some beautiful saleable products, to become more than just a hobby." Samantha

"Very friendly, relaxed environment. Loved the idea of going over everything we had learnt at the end. Thank you - great fun!" Karen

"Very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Hands on learning. Thorough handouts." Alex

"Fantastic course, informative, enjoyable - a great day!" Paul

"Excellent course. So much clear and concise information in a fun learning environment. I can't wait to do more courses. Thank you." Sharon

"Enjoyed the class. Very informative. Covered a lot of information on a variety of candles and products." Thoulla

"Loved the class. It was easy and I learned a lot. Can't wait to make at home...and for a future business. Thank you!" Carola

"Very informative, fun and vibrant class. I have learned a lot and enjoyed the whole process of making and finishing the products. Excellent class!" Delphine

"It was just brilliant. I loved the course and found it very helpful and useful." Joelin

"The course is very versatile and practical. It gave me the skills to make candles of lots of different shapes, scents and colours. Sakeena was very lovely too!" Christine

"There are now rods! A truly exceptional and informative course held in a professional and friendly manner. I'm absolutely thrilled with the day. Great value! Thank you." Sophie

"A very worthwhile and enjoyable day. Nice pace. I am now very excited to start my new hobby." Julia

"Informative, very interesting and enjoyable. Thoroughly relaxing day!" Sue

"This was my first experience of working with wax and candles and I must say it was fabulous. I enjoyed working with Sakeena and all my doubts were answered. I am very glad I took this class." Pavani

"Fantastic day - so pleased with the candles I am taking home! Thank you!" Shona

"Very informative and fun." Janice

"Enjoyable way to spend a day but also very inspiring because of Sakeena and her stories. I will leave with a lot of knowledge and skills. Amazing day." Cat

"Sakeena was an excellent tutor - she was clear, demonstrative, firm and an excellent teacher. I loved how she checked our understanding at the end. She also did all of the above with an enjoyable sense of humour. Thank you so much!" Niamh (Ireland)

"I wanted to let you know that you are doing great job! Afterwards I had another course booked in very very central London with one of the top candle makers in business, but I learned all techniques better with you. The demonstration, explanation and communication was great! Very clear and understanding, and if I had any questions, they were answered!" Linda

"Feel enabled to try anything!" Julie

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course." Steve & Anne

"Sakeena was an amazing teacher, so friendly and helpful. We enjoyed every second of the course and learnt so much! Thank you for an amazing and informative day! I cannot wait to try and make candles at home." Mina

"Inspirational, fun, educational - such a great way to spend a day!" Caroline

"I can;t thank Sakeena enough. What a lovely lady and extremely experienced but down to earth and understanding and patient. Would love to attend another workshop." Shama

"Very well structured, inspiring & well taught. Lovely to learn so much in one day." Jenny

"What a lovely way to learn, in a clear, concise manner, with a great teacher. Methodology, ideas and business ideas were included. I'm feeling very inspired." Kim

"I have had an amazing day with a wonderful teacher. Simply demonstrated and lots of fun in a relaxing environment." Jodie

"I loved the course. The course gave me confidence on starting a business." Van

"I didn't really expect to be able to make candles in one day, but we did and learnt so much more than I expected." Jane

"Very informative and fun at the same time. I feel confident that I can go home and start making my products." Julia

"This course taught me how to make candles with confidence. It has given confidence in what I felt I wanted to do. Thank you so much for all the information." Bushra

"The course was brilliant. I enjoyed it very much. It made me feel confident to start my business. All the questions I had were answered very clearly." Esther

"This course included all the information about candle making for anyone who would like to learn something new." Yasemin

"Really enjoyed the experience. It was such a fun day but learnt a lot about making candles. Looking forward to getting home and experimenting." Yvonne

"I have really enjoyed today's course and cannot wait to get home and try it out." Lorna

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as learning a lot about waxes, wicks etc." Glynis

"I came in and I figured out the course was for beginners and I was more advanced. Sakeena didn't hesitate in changing it for me. The course was amazing. I learned a lot from it and it was so much fun." Lama

"A very enjoyable and informative day. Clearly demonstrated. Really feel like every aspect has been covered. Excited to get making candles!" Semra

"Wonderful day! Very interesting and fun. Clear instructions and great results." Janine

"Excellent! So interesting, fun, educational, friendly. Gone away ready to roll." Sarah

"Informative and productive. Gained a lot of knowledge." Angie

"I have looked forward to this course for some time and it certainly met my expectations. Sakeena was an amazing teacher. It was so much fun and informative." Penny

"I have had a wonderful day. Learnt so much to now go away and craft. Friendly and relaxed environment. Can't wait to come back and craft again. I am also shocked at how many candles we crafted." Christopher

"Excellent." Simon

"Comprehensive, thorough and a broad range of candles made which was great." Sarah

"Amazing to learn a new skill. Adore my candles." Joanna

"Excellent. Covered so much. In-depth. Motivating. Very practical and not swamped with boring info. Loved it. Thank you so much. Very personal. Best Christmas present ever." Sharon

"What an amazing day. Came away learning more than I ever expected. Brilliantly presented in a light-hearted but professional manner. Thank you." Wendy

"The course exceeded my expectations and was really fun. Worth every penny and I learnt so much and can't wait to get started with my candle business. Thank you." Sarah

"I learnt a lot of new techniques. Enjoyable and fun." Helen

"Wanted to learn how to make candles in containers and now I can! Thank you." Inga

"Really interesting and exciting. Looking forward to getting creative. Fun day." Fiona

"Very comprehensive and fun." Radmila

"Good fun. Good instruction - great to have things to take away." Sheila

"Brilliant, enriching, highly educational. Delivered with passion and enthusiasm." Sarah

"Fantastic way of learning. Taught with enthusiastic experience all the way through." Litsa (Cyprus)

"Thoroughly enjoyable and exactly what I was hoping for! Can't believe how much we learned." David

"Really in-depth information and wide variety of techniques and materials. Demonstrated in a serious but fun way. Really inspiring." Geraldine

"Brilliant day - made my birthday!" Michelle

"Very inspiring and informative. Felt comfortable asking questions and keen to go home and try again myself. Thank you!" Amber

"Opened my eyes to the various possibilities that candles can be used for. Thank you so very much." Jan

"The workshop was so much fun and I feel as though I have learnt a huge amount. Sakeena was personable and a great teacher." Lauren

"This class has given me an insight in to candle making. I now have an amount of knowledge that I can use to start off a little business. Fantastic course." Anthony

"It was fun, straight forward and fun. Everything was demonstrated to detail. I really enjoyed how relaxed it was and learned so much in one day." Vivian

"Absolutely brilliant. Very informative. Much easier than I thought. Very good teacher." Heather

"It opened my mind and got the creative juices flowing. It was great that we did different types of candles so we could see the possibilities. Also enjoyed the fact it was a small group." Jeni

"Fun, factual and informative. Will be very useful for my lessons in school." Deborah

Suited my needs perfectly. Really interesting and loved tapping in to your extensive knowledge." Barnaby

"It has been an absolute pleasure to spend the day with Sakeena and learn so much about the wonderful craft of candle making. I can't wait to put it all in to practice. Thank you so much!" Kate

"I loved it. Relaxed but really informative. Every possible question answered. Lots of fun. Cannot wait to get home and start creating. Thank you so much." Kim

"Like no other arts & craft workshop I have done before. A* day all the way through. Have learnt a lot and will most definitely be making candles in my spare time. Thank you so much Sakeena." Laura

"A wonderful introduction to the art of candle making. The day is great fun and the range of candles that are made are really impressive." Sarah

"A great, thorough introduction to the principles of candle making. Had lots of fun." Chloe

"Very enjoyable. Impressed by how much we made during the day and by Sakeena's knowledge and friendly attitude. Very nice range of products made and good to use different fragrances and essential oils and to learn about them." Emily

"Today was an amazing experience - a perfect combination of learning a craft and having fun. The course covered all aspects and everything was explained clearly. Thank you Sakeena. I will be back." Kim

"Fun, rewarding day! I can't wait to go home and start experimenting." Amanda

"A fun and relaxing day." Jessica

"The course was very practical, useful and interesting. Thank you." Leala

"Very informative yet relaxed and fun." Pernilla

"Everything was introduced, explained and demonstrated in a perfect manner. Very engaging. I felt really involved and from only one day I have learnt so much. Thank you." Melissa

"Thank you so much, an excellent day. So much fun and I can't believe how much we covered. A very relaxed, comfortable way to learn. Thank you." Esme

"Very informative, great fun and have walked away feeling confident that I can replicate the processes at home. Thank you." Anne

"Extremely pleasant session. Friendly and very informative." Jean

"I loved the simplicity with which the course was taught and the hands-on approach. It greatly de-mystified the candle making process and loved the way Sakeena instilled the 'can do' attitude. Thank you very much for an awesome opportunity and for openly and willingly sharing your knowledge." Furaha (Ivory Coast)

"It is a practical course, easy and informative in a relaxed manner." May

"The candle making experience was absolutely amazing! Was very different, informative and therapeutic. The room was filled with happiness throughout. Perfect day!" April

"It was fun, interesting and informative." Anne

"It was a wonderful class. Would definitely come again for intermediate and professional class next year." Puneeta (India)

"It was lovely. Found it very relaxing. I felt I was taught well. Would do it again." Franchesca

"Great fun. Puts me in good stead for starting my candle making hobby. Excellent teacher with easy to follow instructions." Nadia

"A life changing course which teaches life-long skills and I'm looking forward to share new skills with my son and grand children. Fantastic course." Sindiso

"Great value for money and loved how you gave us information we can easily take home. Really loved the class!" Emma

"Very enjoyable and excellent experience." Mark

"I didn't really expect to be able to make candles in one day, but we did and learnt so much more than I expected." Jane

"I had a lot of fun doing this course. My teacher was excellent. The demonstrations were clear which made it easy. I cannot wait to go home and show off my new skills to my husband." Ferny

"Wonderful, very informative day conducted in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment. Sakeena has a lovely, motivating, charming and stimulating approach. An excellent tutor. Thank you." Joan

"Very informative. Taught in a very engaging and entertaining way. The knowledge I gained has given me a clearer idea of what really goes in to candle making. Thank you." Dee-Dee

"A fantastic course. 10/10" Ricky

"Very practical approach and gave me enough information to go home and start making candles. Also appreciate tips and what equipment to get and the notes that come with it." Cathrine

"Opened up all sorts of ideas on being creative with candles. Great information on techniques and keeping it simple." Andy

"Above expectations. Will be back for the intermediate." Carol

"The whole day was a wonderful experience. The tutor's passion for her craft shone through making it a truly inspiring workshop. The techniques shown were straight-forward and clear and have given me the confidence to try candle making at home. The 1-2-1 tuition was a bonus." Janice

"Great fun, informative, educational and interesting." Debbie

"It was very informative, hands-on and enjoyable. I feel confident leaving the course with the knowledge and resources to start practicing my candle making skills. I will be back. Thank you for such a lovely day!" Michelle

"I was incredibly impressed by the know-how and high level of teaching. Thoroughly enjoyed." Nikki

"This course has surpassed my expectations. Did not expect to cover such a wide area of candle making in one day. Brilliant!!" Amoy

"I loved the course. Thank you so so much for such an excellent day." Cecilia

"I was so stimulated and charged with energy to go and create candles that I couldn't get home fast enough. The course was practical, thorough and creative." Valerie

"Completely amazing and inspiring for the very beginning." Martine

" Fun, informative, just my cup of tea!" Rosalind

"Inspiring, fun and extremely practical. I have the knowledge and confidence to make all the candles made today at home." Leanne

"Very good, loads of fun, learnt a lot in a short time. Would recommend this course to everyone." Andrea

"A lot of fun and I learnt loads." Jackie

"Brill - totally enjoyed myself. Learnt lots." Wendy

"The day flew by - right combination of theory and practical with lots of great examples of interesting candles around us for inspiration! Can't wait to get home and try out making my own candles. Awesome!" Lucy

"Fantastic course - learnt so much about technical techniques as well as picked up some general tips for home use. Highly recommended." Lan-Ann

"Very enjoyable. Allowed me to get creative which I enjoy!" Crishna

"It is a fantastic experience - loved it!" Catherine

"I had a great time." Mariam

"Fun and interesting. A good proportion of demonstrations and doing our own candles. Fantastic." Alice

"Had a great time. Trainer acts in a professional manner and very friendly." Elsa

"I really enjoyed today. The course was a very good introduction." Stella

"It was a fun experience during which time I learnt a new skill. It was friendly, well delivered and informative. Thank you Sakeena for being such a good teacher." Andrea

"Had an amazing day - going back with lots of tips and skills! Would love to do this again with my mum." Sanaa

"Superb!" Leia

"A fantastic and enjoyable day. Sakeena's enthusiasm for her craft made this learning experience fun and inspiring. I will definitely be recommending this course to others." Hannah

"Amazing day! Amazing tutor." Leona

"Today was fantastic! I came in with open eyes as I'd never thought about candles before, i.e. making or how to make them. I am now a mini chandler. Thank you Sakeena. Brilliant day well spent." Rebecca

"Very good at covering the basics and techniques. " Clare

"Wonderful! Sakeena, it's been a pleasure to be on this course. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you once again for a lovely day." Anami

"Excellent fun with good 'take home' creations. Very informative and a great pleasure." Amanda

"Great fun. Useful information. Lots of practical things." Rachel

"Had a lovely day - good instruction and a real sense of achievement." Eleanor

"It was exactly the help I needed to get started." Keith

"Really interesting and informative. Taught in a fun practical way! Thoroughly enjoyed making my own candles being a complete novice. Brilliant." Dean

"Excellent and fun." Joanne

"I have learnt how to make many different candles and learnt lots of new things." Nirvana

"Very good creative experience. Exciting course." Kath

"It was really good to learn how to make candles and to be shown so I know what to do when I do it on my own." Amelia

"Fun, hands-on, learned a new skill. Very happy." Katrin

"Was a great intro session that gave very helpful and handy tips and techniques. The trainer was very helpful and informative on many aspects of candle making." Emma

"Value for money, enjoyable and simply the best! Thank you." Veronica

"I have been to many workshops in my life including for commercial projects...this was simply the best so far and I mean that sincerely. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill. Will stay with me and my daughter forever." Nimesh

"Very patient tutor who answered all my questions. Would recommend." Wendy

"A clear and full exploration of container and moulded candles." Michelle

"Very informative and thorough with advice, tips and info. Looking forward to more courses." Phoebe

"I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an effort for me to come all the way from Nigeria for it but believe me it was worth it." Kanchan (Nigeria)

"Great insight in to candle making." Vanessa

"Very interesting course presented in a clear, concise and fun manner. Would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone seeking a fun and creative day." Saty

"I can't believe how much we made in a day! I'm so impressed. To set out to create the best value course is brilliant - and you have really achieved this. Fantastic - Thank you." Polly

"The course is fun and exceeds expectations for an introductory workshop. Sakeena is friendly and more than happy to impart knowledge. Thank you. " Samira

"Brilliant! I learned more than I thought I would and feel equipped to go away and practice on my own. Enjoyed learning about the technicalities of candle making too." Sunny

"Great group of ladies! Leaving the class with lots of knowledge. Sakeena exudes passion and knowledge for candle making. Sign me up for advanced candle making classes! Many thanks." H. Jikiemi

"Very good course - feel pleased with what I have made. Easy to understand and trainer had a good rapport with the class." Caroline

"Better than expected. I really enjoyed the experience and has ignited my interest in making candles myself at home. Thank you very much." Pauline

"It was a very enjoyable workshop." Sumi

"Relaxed day of learning and experimenting. Enough knowledge to go home and play with candle making." Manal

"Informative and friendly workshop. Great fun." Louise

"Good fun and very informative." Claire

"A very fun day which will bring some creative light in to my flat! I enjoyed and learned a lot. Thank you." Christina

"Really good fun and answered many of the questions I had about candle making. I'm now looking forward to making my own at home." Laura

"It has been a great experience. I totally enjoyed my day and Sakeena's passion. I would recommend it to anyone." Ania

"Very interesting and creative. Gave me the desire to make more candles." Carole

"Fun, creative, informative and would like to do and learn more following this first course! Really well thought out and organised, friendly and personable. Thank you." Louise

"A useful and interesting insight in to something I had no previous experience of but will definitely try again." Lucy

"Very informative and lots of fun." Susan

"I had a very nice time throughout the class. I enjoyed it tremendously and learnt so much that I appreciate and will use in the future. Thank you so much." Mai

"Welcoming from the start, informative and a lot of fun." Donna

"Good fun, very interesting and informative. Really enjoyable day." Giulia

"It's given me the confidence to go back and make my own candles. Some very useful information on where to get supplies." Toni

"It was a really fun and enjoyable experience and I would do it all over again." Leah

"Very useful and inspiring. Can't wait to get started at home." Sarah

"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. Can't wait to try it at home. Very interested in doing the intermediate course." Sally

"A good day - we made unusual candles that were not too difficult to repeat at home." Gilly

"I had a wonderful time. I have learnt a lot about candle making and I am looking forward to the intermediate course." Magdaline

"Very interesting and worth while. Gained a lot of knowledge in the craft of candle making to start a new hobby. Most enjoyable. Thank you." Jacqui

"Very informative, fun and therapeutic. Lovely to spend the day learning from an expert in a way that I can do easily at home." Abi

"Wonderful, inspirational, fun. I am taking away a great skill that can only be added to. With thanks." Val

"This has been a very fun course. Takes all your worries away for a bit of fun that you can take home to admire." Monica

"I have had the best day!! It's been amazing and it's reached my expectations and more. I can't wait to come back. I have loved this course and want more. Sakeena you are lovely and a very good teacher. Thank you so much!" Hayley

"Fun, friendly, informative with the ability and passion to be creative in your own home. Thank you." Helen

"Lovely atmosphere. Relaxed hands-on fun. Feel inspired to continue my candle journey." Innessa

"Great fun. I learned so much about making candles - I can't wait to try at home. Fabulous day out. Thank you." Heather

"Nice small group. Fun and informative. Good notes to take away. Plus your own candles to take home." Sarah

"A great day of learning ad fun - tutor was very knowledgable to answer all questions thrown at her. Can't wait to make my own candles." K Paramanantham

"It was brilliant fun." Judy

"Amazing - had the best laugh and found it easy to learn with such an amazing teacher!! Thank you Sakeena. Bloody amazing experience!!" Joanna

"A really enjoyable and educational day." Chris

"I really enjoyed and had a good time. Good class!!" Ayhuno

"Fun and informative. Will be able to make candles with confidence." Caroline

"It was well-rounded for a candle making beginner's course." Chika

"It was a nice beginner's course." Jyoti

"Enjoyable day that has inspired me to go home and make lots of candles! Thank you." Louise

"Fun and informative. Sakeena's enthusiasm is infectious. Great fun and inspiring!" Ilana
"Really hands-on, clear and made simple. Essential oil knowledge was the best part." Carolina
"Very enjoyable, relaxed and informative." Janet
"Great course. Learned a lot and can't wait to make my own candles now. Thank you." Hannah
"I really enjoyed the course. Easy to understand and look forward to making candles in the future. Thank you so much." Andrea

"It was a great 'date' with Joy...would really recommend it if you want to treat your other half." James

"Eye-opener. Better than what i anticipated." Gulahi

"Really informative. Really enthusiastic tutor. I really enjoyed making the candles and I learnt a lot." Joy

"Really interesting. Perfect for beginners." Brontie

"It was amazing to learn how to make beautiful candles. Sakeena was very nice and very experienced." Mrs Dhanji

"Great course. Exactly tailored for what I was looking for. Thank you!" Mei

"This was an absolutely brilliant experience. Sakeena's energy is delightful. I learned everything I need to know about candle making. I can't wait to try making my own creations at home. Under Sakeena's wonderful tutelage I feel confident I can make my own beautful creations at home. She's not only an instructor but a friend!" Janie

"Great class. Covered the basics of soy wax making. Will recommend! Thanks." Rebecca

"Very informative and fun. Loved the informal nature. Not intimidating!!!" Becky

"Not only did we learn how to make candles but received invaluable advice and ideas for setting up a business and beyond. Fab lady! Thank you. Helen

"Very interesting." CJ

"Exceeded all my expectations! Fun, informative, inspirational and creative. Outstanding presentation/demonstrations and coaching! Thank you!" Emma

"Very interesting. Definitely going to try this at home. Very friendly environment. Enjoyed all the tea and biscuits." Laura

"Looking forward to using my new candles and melts. It has inspired me to try it myself. Thank you!" Jayne

"Excellent. I can't wait to get home and try this myself." Lindsay

"The course was fantastic. I will definitely be making more." Kim

"Great course with a lovely host. Really enjoyed it." Kirstie

"Combined my two favourite things - candles and scent! Loved it! Thank you." Emma

Excellent course. Very relaxing and enjoyable." Nicola

"I found the experience enlightening and enjoyable. I've learnt so much about how easy it is to make natural candles." Henrietta

"Thoroughly enjoyable. Have learnt a lot and am looking forward to putting my knowledge in to practice. Sakeena is a great teacher and really personable." Kelly

"An excellent course. Lots of fun and I gained a lot of knowledge and insight in to the world of candle making." Rebecca

" Informative; good fun; engaging; creative." Louise

"In just the morning I was taken through the art of making candles. A soy wax process that had me 'candlefied,' and no questions deemed too trivial were clarified. Sakeena I thank you, for I
have both learnt about your art as well as appreciated your honest approach." Moi

" A fabulous day that I think my mum really enjoyed her birthday experience. Now we can all make her candles instead of buying them." Isabelle

"This was a very unique, personal and amazing experience. I enjoyed every aspect and will be coming back!" Tehmina

"Really fun and very original. Thank you for a lovely workshop." Chloe

"It was a great experience. We will definitely be using our knowledge gained in the future." Jonathan (JLS)
"The course and trainer were great. I loved learning about the massage candle and the way in which the wax and olive oil can be used on the skin. It was really helpful that we were provided with details of websites and notes. Thank you for a great morning." Tara
"I loved the course as it included so much information about eco-friendly candle making. Sakeena, you are an amazingly knowledgable lady - hope to do more courses in the future." Elizabeth

"Very interesting and informative. Pleased with all the items I have made - looking forward to trying all of them out! Thank you!" Julie
"The Natural Beauty Workshop absolutely blew my mind. Found it fascinating how easily these wonderful products are made. Gained so much knowledge and the lesson was absolutely thorough and easy to understand. Thank you Madam Sakeena!" Esther (Nigeria)
"The course exceeded my expectations. It was fun and easy to understand. All the products are simple to make and look amazing and professional." Camila
"Great information, fun, very practical and shows how easy it is to make things yourself - gives you the confidence to go home and try it!" Soheila
"I am really happy with all the products we made today. Now I want to go and do lots of research and make my own products." Dolly
"Interesting from beginning to end. Speed of information was just right - easy to follow and not too fast. Happy to be able to use this knowledge immediately." Caroline

"Very inspiring. Well structured and refreshing to be able to learn a new skill in one day!" Jenny

"So clear and easy to follow. My daughters will be delighted with my new skills and I'll never need to go to Lush again." Katie

"It was a wonderful experience. The class was an eye-opener and I would definitely use my own made products rather than buying expensive products." Puneeta (India)

"I have always wanted to do a course like this so it's a dream come true!" Joanna

"It was very well explained by the tutor and was interesting to learn a lot about making soaps. Everyone in the class was helpful too." Wilma

"So simple to do, so good to use. Unbelievable." Litsa

"Very nice meeting people. Learnt something different for myself." Elektra

"I liked it. It was very good." Henna

"Very informative and relaxing." Veronica

"It was very good and full of lots of useful information. Definitely worth it." Shameer

"Well presented." Anne

"This is an excellent experience and Sakeena was a wonderful teacher." Faye

"Excellent. I enjoyed the course. I loved being a part of it. I have learnt loads. Good experience." Yunus

"A fun and informative day out." Wendy

"Wonderful." Tania

"Really enjoyable. Easy to do. Interesting." Sam

"Very interesting and informative." Linda

"I really enjoyed the day. Would have been happy to have had a few more hours as we were having so much fun." Dawn

"This was a fantastic course - I have made so many beautiful natural products that are safe enough to use with my young children. Thank you." Evelyn

"I have really enjoyed making the products and being able to take them home with me. Makes me feel like I have accomplished something today." Denise

"Great course that has sparked my interest in creating my own products! I'll definitely be back for another course." Charlotte

"Useful to make healthy skin products and a relaxing way to spend the afternoon." Cinzia

"Most enjoyable and informative." Bridget

"I loved it all. Wonderful day. Great friendly atmosphere. Lovely teacher with great ethics. Thank you ever so much Sakeena." Patricia

"A very rewarding day. Can't wait to read through the notes." Anna

"Very interesting and great instructions. Now I can try it at home." Jacqueline

"Lovely experience and hands-on." Sarah

"Very enjoyable." Deborah

"It was enjoyable and the course met all my expectations. Overall a good experience and I met some really nice people. A great upbeat trainer." Michelle

"A very worthwhile experience and worth every penny." Evelyne

"A refreshing new concept for me that I will go away and try. Many thanks." Alison

"Very interesting and insightful. Lots of extra information given. Sakeena was enthusiastic and very friendly." Veron

"Exceptional. Good to make all different products on one course." Sarah

"Wonderfully insightful. Not only can I now make the products for home use, I also know the properties and even the history behind the ingredients. Brilliant course. I will be recommending to friends and will attend future courses." Kate

"I have really enjoyed it and had a lovely day." Lizie

"A great day of learning. Factual and fun." Sam

"A great in-depth course of how to make natural skin care products." Vicky

"Wonderful day. Wonderful knowledge to take home and use. Wonderful people. Wonderful tutor. Thank you." Maxine

"Really enjoyed today. Would be interested in hearing about your other workshops." Alison

"I have had a fantastic day. The course exceeded my expectations and I am eager to start practicing what I have learnt. Thank you." Linda

"A great day with lovely people. Taken the 'mystery' out of home made beauty products and given the inspiration to try at home. Thank you." Roisin

"Loved making natural products. Interesting to hear about the history of soap and natural products." Taryn

"Great course. Simple and easy recipes that anyone can do! Would recommend!" Charlotte

"It was fun and informative in a relaxed and informal setting. I had a great day and can't wait to get home to experiment." Natalia

"Creative and fun. Productive!" Veronique

"Very interesting - can't wait to try it at home." Liz

"Exceeded my expectations. The course was very personal and there was a friendly approach to the teaching. Being made aware of background knowledge is always good." Sumayyah

"Informative. I can truly say that I learnt lots today. A great day that will allow me to improve my skin and share with friends and family." Jeraldine

"Great and easy way to produce my own natural products for my well being." Anetta

"I had a really good time. Very informative. Thank you." Iran

"I have found this course very enjoyable and the trainer gave us very useful tips. I appreciate that she shared her talent with me." Manisha

"Very interesting. I enjoyed finding out how to expand the range of ways to use essential oils to make natural products." Elizabeth
"Amazing stuff. Will definitely be using them on my children." Litsa
"All new and enjoyable. I feel confident to make products for my family." Nada

"An art that is being lost coming back to life. Excellent experience." Litsa
"The course definitely exceeded my expectations. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to dip and carve. Sakeena is a great teacher." Vivian

"Had a great day, great fun." Halina
"What an incredible day making incredibly beautiful flower candles." Sabrina
" I had a great day and made some fantastic candles." Janine